Basement Panels

base system

The Enercept basement system creates an insulated environment perfect for additional living space. Basement panels are composed of 7-3/8" EPS laminated to OSB on the interior and treated plywood on the exterior. Rough openings and electrical chases are provided similar to the Enercept above grade wall system. Enercept also offers an insulated foundation system, excellent for protecting plumbing in cold climates.

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Wall Panels

wall system

The Enercept wall system is comprised of 5-1/2" EPS insulation laminated between OSB sheathing. Panels are connected at the job site by a tounge and groove method with a factory-installed insulation post. All rough openings (windows and doors) are custom built and framed by Enercept. Electrical chases and knock-out boxes are provided with the Enercept patented system. Bottom sill plate, double top plates, and panel sealant are included. Enercept walls are compatable with typical types of windows, doors, siding and interior finishes.

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Roof Panels

roof system

Enercept structural roof panels extend from the top of the wall system to the peak of the roof where rest upon a beam system or a center bearing wall. The result is a vaulted ceiling, perfect for creating the impression of more space or a loft living area. Gable panels are custom fabricated to the precise pitch of your roof. All beams, wall-to-roof panel ties, and roof screws are included in the Enercept package. Roof panel thickness varies depending on design load and R-value requirements in your area.

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