Video Introduction to Structural Insulated Panels(SIP) (opens in new window)

General Construction Procedures

  1. Handling / Panel Storage: Do not lift or carry panels by the top skin. Stack panels on an elevated, well drained area on blocks (dunnage) spaced 4 or less and protect from the elements with tarps or similar protective coverings. The OSB sheathing and connection members of the panels are wood products and may swell after exposure to moisture.
  2. You must inventory panels, plate material, connectors and sealants upon delivery.
  3. Like most construction materials, Enercept panels are combustible and should not be exposed to flame or other ignition sources.
  4. Review all panel layouts, section/details before starting construction.
  5. Footing / Slab / Floor System: Must be LEVEL and square before the sill plate is fastened down. Squareness and proper Alignment of the sill plates are critical to the Enercept System.
  6. All straps and hold downs must be installed as specified.
  7. Follow all recommended nail, connector and screw spacings.
  8. Drill matching access holes in sill and top plates that align with the vertical electrical chases in the panels.
  9. Builder must check to make sure that all centerline dimensions are maintained.
  10. Enercept will not be responsible for on-site alterations or modifications to the panels as manufactured unless:
    (A) illustrated in the Enercept Construction Guide, or
    (B) approved in advance by authorized Enercept personnel.
  11. Adequate wind bracing must be used during construction.
  12. Seal all penetrations in the panels with expanding foam sealant, including electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
  13. Please make safety your first and foremost consideration.